Jo Spillar. Researching the Edinburgh Seven




Sara Sheridan. Author of Where Are The Women




Dani Garavelli. Freelance Journalist.




Professor Rukmini Sen. Academic.




Carrie Gracie: Author of Equal.




Mark Cousins. Filmmaker, writer and archive activist.



Dr. Siobhan O’Conner. Academic.




Rachel Pronger. Curator and archive activist.





Janine Francois. Cultural Producer and academic,.




Dr Kristin Hussey. Curator.




Camilla Baier. Curator and archive activist.



Professor Peter Mathieson. Principal of the University of Edinburgh.




Sorna Paramananthan, Megan Cameron, Simran Piya, Ella Crowther, Mei Yen Liew, Izzie Dighero and Caitlyn Taylor accepted degrees on behalf of the Edinburgh Seven.





Lauren Clarke: Curator and researcher.




Dr. Kathi Kamleitner. Curator and academic.




Dr Radhika Govinda. Academic.




Dr Deborah Reid. Academic.