As a collaborative team Susan Kemp, Jo Spiller, Shona Munro and Tom Lyne provide a wide range of experience at senior level in a range of professional fields and have come together on this project to tell an important story about a neglected area of history through documentary.

Kemp worked as a producer/director at the BBC for many years before joining the University of Edinburgh in 2010 as programme director of MSc Film, Exhibition and Curation, part-time whilst continuing to make feature documentaries.  Munro was an educational psychologist, a former artistic director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival and freelance producer. Tom Lyne is a musician, composer and multi-talented sound person who has created an original and gorgeous bespoke score for the film in addition to designing, editing and engineering the whole sound component.

Jo Spiller has been doing some extraordinary work in bringing to the world’s attention the women known as the Edinburgh Seven, and her work forms the basis of the film. She has being doing this in her spare time whilst working as a digital learning consultant. She has dedicated a huge amount of time trying and succeeding to get more recognition for these extraordinary women. At the time of filming, Spiller was also undertaking a ‘future archive’ project of her own by photographing portraits of senior woman in the University and beyond for the Scottish Feminist Judgement Project and using this to interrogate traditional portraiture and how women have previously been represented. This project also features in the documentary.